Avion ultra-léger (1994)

“Creating plausible aerial devices, Daniel Corbeil demonstrates an interest in the modes and technologies of transportation. Given its monumental dimensions, its near realistic treatment, and the influence of this work on the continuation of his art, the sculpture Avion ultra-léger (1994) is an important work in the artist’s research. Built of riveted sheets of aluminium, wood, rubber, and painted ornamentation, the devise is entirely plausible, despite an “artisanal” appearance that suggests hobbyists’ scale-models. Combining a propensity for making with scientific knowledge has allowed Corbeil to push the envelope on the materialization of the object while taking advantage of its meaning and its symbolism. The limit between the real and the fabular becomes extremely tenuous in this case. The airplane dressed up as work of art instigates a reflection on the motif of the artistic subject, the viewer’s perception, and modes of representation and interpretation.”

Jocelyne Fortin, Machine volante, leurre et réalité, exhibition brochure, Musée Régional de Rimouski, 2005.