Nacelle en perspective (2002)

This set consists of three parts: Hydrozoaire (2002), Nacelle pour expérimentation aérienne (2002-2005), and Table d’expérimentation (2002). As a translucent polyethylene envelope deployed on the ground, the Hydrozoaire is suggestive of an immense jelly-fish or oversized protozoa (“animalcule”) that might have run aground in the gallery. Kept inflated by a blowing machine and gently undulating, the envelope plays on scale and the physical setting of the exhibition to immerse visitors in an ethereal universe that suggests travel. This impression is reinforced by the presence nearby of Nacelle pour expérimentation aérienne, which, composed of an inflated and padded nylon suspended sphere, is inspired by Auguste Piccard’s stratospheric balloon. Within the pod, portholes opening onto simulation devices afford visitors a playful experience of flight. For its part, like an aerodynamics test cell, Table d’expérimentation shows the undulating movement of the set formed by the envelope and pod.