Arthropolis (2007–14)

“[…] Arthropolis [2007-2014] takes the form of a giant mechanical spider and simulates a habitable module or futuristic city. At the summit, fine verdant terraces are lit by solar panels suggesting numerous cells, while the light needed for the dwelling place is supplied by neon tubes standing-in for the animal’s legs. Composed of recycled materials, the work was created with such meticulousness that it manages to make a would-be working ecosystem credible. With its escalators, interior garden, and even a whale (balénoptère) watching over the project—unless it serves as a shuttle for the residents—the spider sculpture here weaves a web of life for a secure, self-sufficient community.”

Mona Hakim, “Daniel Corbeil, Sarah Bertrand-Hamel. Ici, maintenant/ Here, Now,” Espace sculpture, no. 97: 24.