Complexe industriel (2009)

“In his works, Daniel Corbeil reveals a potential future; he takes part in the debate by showing countrysides ravaged by devastation that has progressed steadily since the industrial era. He has a point, since these landscapes recall mining sites, locations plundered for their natural resources, contaminated, then abandoned. The floor installation, Complexe industriel, testifies to this entrepreneurial legacy and to the outcome of repeated, intense action upon the environment. […] In this reduced scale model of processing industries, stretches of dry clay suggest a mangled, almost lunar environment that extends metaphorically beyond the work. Nuances of ochre heighten the impression of desertification. With its seemingly obvious and irrevocable fragility, this installation only lasted the time of the exhibition.”

Jocelyne Fortin, “Daniel Corbeil, une rencontre entre l’art et la responsabilité individuelle et collective,” Les Cahiers, Galerie des arts visuels, École des Arts visuels, Université Laval, no. 2 (2010): 6.