Paysage en roulement (2006)

“Corbeil’s creative process increasingly accentuates the staging of landscapes rather than scale models themselves. In his installation Paysage en roulement (2006), spectators must shift at a precise angle to peer through a lens at a fragment of landscape; it is a dynamic context where cylindrical rolls suggest the movement of sea and sky. At first glance, the model seems to occupy a very limited space in contrast to the elaborate apparatus. Closer examination, however, reveals that all of this apparatus serves the model, which seems to lie at the heart, or point of convergence of the installation. Indeed, the technical dimension only exists to serve the landscape, while subjecting it to the model’s eminently artificial and minimal vision, which only comes to life through the distortions of the lens. Things are not as simple as they seem.”

Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, “Faire petit pour voir grand,” Esse, no. 70 (2010): 16.